Wednesday, October 30, 2013

H & P Engagement

A friend of mine referred me to this fun couple as a wedding photographer. After booking me, we started discussing ideas for the engagement shoot. They weren't sold on an idea of an engagement shoot- we talked about some different ideas and locations, but none really got them enthused.  After being in their home infused with art and style for a bit, and learning they both loved to read, we decided to style an "outdoor book" session. They were sold on the idea and totally committed to the shoot!

We decided to set their “home” up in a beautiful outdoor location. I purchased a sweet garland made of book pages from an Etsy seller, Smiley WileysWe brought vintage and favorite books, furniture, rugs, and a Mickey Mouse that held special meaning to the bride. 

This couple was amazing! I had so much fun and loved the energy and attitude H & P had. I'm thrilled with how the photos came out. What an amazing session! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Every day I strive to be better. A better mom, a better wife, a better photographer. The hardest part about this is that in striving I actually have to put in some effort. It's a verb, so it requires action. 

To be a better mom, I talk to other moms to get another perspective on life, on motherhood, on my own ideas about the job I'm doing. I learn from other moms- things I may try, or may try to avoid. Both are helpful. 

To be a better wife, my biggest hurdle is just keeping my mouth shut somedays. Because really, I think my ideas and ways are better 99% of the time. (I'm pretty sure they are). But my husband doesn't necessarily agree. And that's ok- everything doesn't have to be a debate. 

To be a better photographer I participate in photography forums, I join workshops, I read, and I take more pictures. Hands on has always been the best method of learning for me. I need to do it. Lately I've really been putting in effort (aka striving) to take more pictures every day. Nothing major, just basic events in our daily lives. And sometimes I submit these photos to photography websites with weekly themes. 

This week I'm honored to be have several photographs published. My work is included in the current issue of Trivia: Voices of Feminism, an online journal. I'm also one of the featured photographers in Beyond the Wanderlust's Instagram Friday Favorites. Finally, this week, I received an honorable mention from Finding the Light workshop photography contest. 

Things like this always keep me feeling like I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing and inspire me to strive even more. Cyclical, you know? It's also really important for me to share these types of things. First, I'm proud of myself. Second, if I can do it, anyone can. That includes you. 

Go. Do better. Be better. Put in effort. Strive. 

But before you go and get all improved and stuff,  you can look at some of my shots from our daily life. And for the record, this was a pretty tough day to put it mildly. These pictures are a result of me giving up trying to control them and just letting them do what they wanted to do. For about 30 minutes. Then I dragged them to the car kicking and screaming. :sigh: 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I learned a very important lesson from Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of Jellybean Pictures- when shooting a session, have your camera ready when you arrive and don't put it away until you get in your car to leave. I've captured some great images because of her wise words. 

My favorite thing about taking photographs is being able to capture the moments. The moments between the posed or group shots. The moments someone steals a glance or shares a laugh. The moment when your child is totally unaware of the photographer and just get busy being themselves. 

That's why I do this. I like to document life. To make a visual history of relationships. And of course this includes my daily routines with my husband and kids. The day-to-day happenings in my home are some of the most precious things I can capture. I'm not sure if they are totally annoyed with me yet, but they may  be. I remind them how much they'll appreciate me later. 

I use Instagram, of course, to post some of these day-to-day images. Some are on this blog as well. Today I'm sharing one of my favorites thus far. I'm not only sharing it here, but I'm also entering this photo in the Chic Critique Photography Idol contest. I think it's priceless and it shows exactly who I strive to be as a photographer. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The S Family

My process always begins with a conversation about what you like to do as a family. Or a couple. Just a little bit of a 'getting to know you'. This gorgeous family wanted to have photos of Grandma with all of her adorable grandchildren. Upon talking with them, I learned they liked to visit this private lake near Grandma's house. (Private lake!!) I was so excited when they agreed to let me follow them and take their photographs at the lake. I had such a blast watching them interact and play. I got to witness so much love....I'm so grateful to be doing this.