Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I learned a very important lesson from Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of Jellybean Pictures- when shooting a session, have your camera ready when you arrive and don't put it away until you get in your car to leave. I've captured some great images because of her wise words. 

My favorite thing about taking photographs is being able to capture the moments. The moments between the posed or group shots. The moments someone steals a glance or shares a laugh. The moment when your child is totally unaware of the photographer and just get busy being themselves. 

That's why I do this. I like to document life. To make a visual history of relationships. And of course this includes my daily routines with my husband and kids. The day-to-day happenings in my home are some of the most precious things I can capture. I'm not sure if they are totally annoyed with me yet, but they may  be. I remind them how much they'll appreciate me later. 

I use Instagram, of course, to post some of these day-to-day images. Some are on this blog as well. Today I'm sharing one of my favorites thus far. I'm not only sharing it here, but I'm also entering this photo in the Chic Critique Photography Idol contest. I think it's priceless and it shows exactly who I strive to be as a photographer. 


  1. What a great shot! And an awesome reminder as well. I find I get so busy interacting with my clients and laughing with them that I forget to press the shutter button. Gotta get better at that!!

  2. Oh My! So cute! I have the same problem as Elena. My husband has had to remind me to take put my camera back up and keep shooting when I am making the clients laugh. Hey it is hard to laugh and take pictures! But I am working on it.