Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 on 10, December

It's that time again- December 10th and the arrival of 10 photos. November's 10 on 10  I posted some favorites from the month of November. This time I decided to do a series.

My oldest turned 5 in October. We finally got around to getting her 5 year check up. It feels like such an important age. She's not a toddler, not quite a big kid, but in school now. And she's so wonderful. Really. Don't just ask her mom. Cause you know what she'll say...

I decided to bring my camera and document the appointment. Don't forget to visit my muy mucho talented peer Kristin for her 10 on 10 blog entry...

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  1. Love these set of images Leah! You will cherish them when your girls are older :)